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 VW Kombi rental in Barcelona

Hi and welcome to Advantura!


We are a campervan rental company based in Barcelona since 2020. Advantura specializes in renting the mythical Volkswagen Kombi T2 from the 1970s. Yes, you read that right. You will get the chance to drive an iconic 40 years+ campervan for roadtrips in Cataluña. You can also rent it for events (movies, photoshoots and weddings)


We have three of them: Tomatina, Vermut and Lenny all from 1977-1978 and also a fourth vehicle Ziggy, a russian Lada Niva 4x4. It was the first ever camperized Lada Niva in the world :)

Where can you go? Those vehicles are made for short trips in Cataluña. It is a beautiful region with the sea, mountains and medieval villages. Popular destinations are Costa Brava, Delta del Ebro, Comgost de Montrebei etc. With our campervans, you can decide to sleep overnight in nature (we highly recommend to use the app Park4night which lists great spots to stay overnight) or go to campsites.

How can you rent such old cars for roadtrips? Well, we have the outmost trust in YOU. We need all our renters to take care of them as if It is theirs for the time of their roadtrip. On our side, we take care the best that we can to maintain them in great condition. All our vehicles have new motors, and checked every 5000 kilometers by a specialist. It is heartwarming so far to see how renters have been very respectful of the vehicles. Thanks all of you!

If you are looking to organize a roadtrip, you can find destination ideas and routes in our page Roadtrips, from a 2-day trip up until a week. 

To rent, Contact us by email on ,whatsapp : +34 613 059 317 or Instagram @advantura.vanlife we do not have an online booking system yet.

VW Kombi T2 Westfalia 1978 Advantura rents these iconic campervans from Barcelona for roadtrips movies weddings
VW Kombi T2 Westfalia in a roadtrip in Catalunya. Advantura rents its campervans from Barcelona

We had a great time exploring Catalunya in this beautiful and very charming vehicle. Everything we might have needed was provided, from bottle opener to candles and picnic blanket :) The owner was extremly friendly and helpful.

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