VW T2 Kombi rental for movies, Advertising video clips and photoshoots

Advantura also rents its VW Kombi T2 Westfalia for photoshoots, movies and advertising video clips. The campervans can be brought anywhere within Spain. We are very glad to have collaborated with famous brands such as Muy Mucho (Home furnitures) , Trendsplant (Clothing) and Barner brand (Sunglasses) . Here are some example of our collaborations :

Trendsplant Advantura photoshoot.jpg
Trendsplant Advantura Photoshoot session

As well as renting the van, we also provide a chauffeur to drive the van onsite. Quentin, our chauffeur is a photographer and can offer to do backstage photoshoots. 


We offer extra features such as surf boards, paddle surf boards, mountain bikes, picnic baskets, champagne bottles and a wide range of vanlife items. 


Need catering? We can bring and organize the whole catering for you  (Coffee, Breakfast, Sandwiches, juices etc.)