Our VW Kombi Gift Vouchers 

It’s never easy to find an original gift for your loved one, right?


For once, here is a gift voucher they will actually like and use.


Surprise 100% guaranteed! 


Whether It is a birthday, anniversary or christmas gift,

you won’t go wrong with this unique way of exploring Catalunya. 

There are two options :

1 - Pre-book the date and campervan : We can organise a voucher for you for a particular

campervan and with the exact dates already planned.

2 - Purchase a gift value : Purchase one of the voucher you are happy with and the recipient

can choose when they would like to go on holiday. They can then call

and book when they are ready.

The vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. We prolonged because of COVID :)

               2-day Weekend voucher :  220€ *

                  3-day Weekend voucher : 330€ *

                  7-day Summer voucher : 850€


Vouchers can be emailed for last-minute gift vouchers.

* We do ask that you keep our vans within Spain. This is for your convenience and our peace of mind.

Our vans are 40 years old or more and are much happier pootling around the country lanes than charging down the motorway!

If you have any questions then give us a call or whatsapp on (+34) 651010569 or email kombivanbcn@gmail.com

* Not available From June to August (minimum 7 days). 

2-day voucher : From Friday 8PM until Sunday 11.30PM

3-Day Voucher : From Thursday 8PM until Sunday 11.30PM

Terms & conditions apply, subject to availability.

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Phone : (+34) 651010569

Whatsapp : (+34) 651010569

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