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We are Quentin and Nicolas, happy owners of la Tomatina, Lenny and Ziggy

We decided to start this aventure in 2019 to share our passion for travel and vanlife in general.

We started the story with La Tomatina, our red VW KOMBI campervan from 1978 and with the help of our family, revamped the interior, 100% DIY with a maximum of reused material.


Then we found Lenny in Zaragoza in October 2020, he's the same age as La Tomatina. 


Our next project is Ziggy, our lovely Lada Niva ! This 4x4 is solid as a rock and can do offroad. It will be the first ever fully camperized Lada Niva done. It will bring you everywhere with his roof tent and kitchen in the trunk. We are working hard to make this dream come true.

Feel free to contact us anytime to rent it. We will do our best to make your dream trip happen :)


See you soon in Barcelona.


Some say that we are

as cool as our kombis

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