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Tavertet Rupit
2 days - 200 kms

This roadtrip is one of our favorites.


You can: ​

   - Visit the medieval town of Rupit and eat there

   - Hiking to Sal de Sallent (waterfall of 100 meters)

   - Fantastic views at the Mirador del Silenci

   - Pass through the village of Tavertet

   - Overnight near the Panta de Sau lake.


We recommend it for a weekend, leaving Friday Night or Saturday first thing in the morning. In addition, it is only 100 kilometers from Barcelona!

Rupit (Medieval village)

Rupit is a medieval town nestled in a spectacular natural environment. The stone houses, narrow streets and the bridges of the town make Rupit a perfect place to spend a midday, walking, trying local products, etc. It's like travelling back in time four or five centuries into the past. Rupit is also the start of many hiking trails.

Rupit - Medieval village roadtrip from barcelona Advantura Barcelona.jpg

Sal de Sallent (Hiking)

Salt de Sallent is the longest waterfall in of Catalonia with a vertical drop of almost 100 meters if we add up all its sections. The hike starts from Rupit. It is about 6 kilometres, 3 out and 3 back for an estimated time of 1h30. A very good option to complete the day after having visited and eaten in town.

Sal de Sallent.jpeg

Mirador del Silenci

Archivo_007 (4)_edited.jpg

To go from Rupit to Tavertet, you can go through a small road: Plaça Bisbe Guillem de Tavertet. It has several very nice viewpoints, including the Silenci viewpoint. If you are lucky, you will be able to see eagles and other birds.

Tavertet (Village)

Tavertet is a small town of 150 inhabitants located on top of a rock. It is picturesque and with good views. It is worth stopping for an hour and feeling the tranquility and antiquity of the site.


Pantano de Sau (Lake)

The Sau Reservoir is the famous lake where the town of San Román de Sau lies buried under water. You will only see the highest part of the village church. You can kayak on the lake. Around it, a spectacular landscape and perfect places to spend the night using the Park4night app

Panta de Sau Advantura pernoctar.jpg

Morro de l'abella

Very cool spot from high up on the mountains and the lake with possibility to take a picture on the rock. This place is on our map or click here

Captura de Pantalla 2022-10-03 a las 10.49.50.png

Mirador del Ter


The Instagram moment. You will find this picture in quite a few Instagram Travel influencers :) So get there early on a sunny day and let the photoshoot begin :) Here is the location

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