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Camperizing a Lada Niva 1600

A brief melting pot of perks we found when camperizing the lada Niva 1600 4*4. Something that had never been done before!

1 - The car is not planned for a second battery.

If you take a more recent version like the Lada Niva 1700, you will be absolutely fine to camperize but the 1600 has weaker parts. For example, the engine alternator only works at 42 amps, way to weak for a second battery. You will need to put the engine alternator of the Lada Niva 1700 who works at 80 amps (you can even find 90 amps)

2 - Pullout Kitcken leg

Building a pullout kitchen means havigs legs to support the weight of the structure pulling out. Many clever systems are well documented. Here is our rather simple alternative. Use a professional support they use for housebuilding :

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