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Would you wake up Sunday 04.30 a for a photo session? Here are the results.

As Winter approaches, van rentals start to slow down and Tomatina was resting in the garage for the weekend. It was the perfect opportunity to put it to good use and organize a photoshoot in the most iconic places of Barcelona.

No secret for all Instagrammers, making an epic picture often means waking up early to be alone on the magic spot. So there we are. Alarm clock is at 04.30 AM. Let s get that sunset!

I can drive and repair my vans but I ain't no photographer so I needed a partner in crime and who else better than Canon Young Talent 2022 Winner Julie Stamenic

Julie is a passionate photographer specializing in nature who rented our van a few months back. She kindly took a few photos and videos that we absolutely love. We have seen quite a few photographers take our van but her photos really stood out from the crowd and will soon enough be displayed on our webpage.

So early wakeup but with good hopes of some nice results. We headed first for the beach :

Then to Sagrada Familia :

Our third stop was Casa Batllo :

Before heading to the mighty Arco de Triunfo

And let s finish on the hills of Montjuic :

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