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Camping or not camping, that is the question.

While taking a trip from Barcelona with our VW Kombis or our Lada Niva, you can decide to either go for camping sites or park in public spaces allowed. We will also introduce to a third option : stay in private lands.

1. Camping

Spanish campings tend to be very large and on the coast. Goig camping has the advantage to be able to take a good shower, recharge the secondary battery if needed. We are working on a list of our preferred campings. Meanwhile, to find a good campsite, we advice you this websites

1 - The better interface and you probably already have an account there

2 - An exhaustive list of campings

2. Public spaces

Feel Like being around nature and with few neighbors. Cataluña has lots of options to offer. You will find spots in the mountain, near lakes and by the beach (although those are more crowded). How do you find them? There is one great app for it : Park4night

This lists spots where you can stay with comments from the whole community. Be careful, some will not be accessible for our type of vehicle.

3. Staying in a private land

In essence, the airbnb of camping. You are staying on someone's backyard (usually large properties in the countryside). Options can include breakfast and shower. I particularly like when It is a local producer and you get the chance to taste their products. One of the main website for it is Homecamper


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