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Deconfinement: 6 villages you can visit during Phase 1.

Soon, Barcelona will enter Phase 1 and you are asking us whether you can rent the van and where to go. Yes, you can travel but you will have to stay within Barcelona Province so we have left with 6 places you might want to visit. Our favourites : Mura and Rupit

1. Santa Coloma de Cervelló

  • Location: Baix Llobregat (Barcelona)

  • Habitants: 800

  • What to see : Old Town, Torre Salvana, Colònia Güell.

  • Distance from Barcelona: 18 km

  • Comment: For Gaudi lovers

2. Mura

  • LocationBages (Barcelona)

  • Habitants: 200

  • What to see: Old Town, Iglesia de Sant Martí, Ermita San Antonio.

  • Distance from Barcelona: 50 km

  • Comment: For lovers of medieval towns and hiking

3. Cardona

  • Location: Bages (Barcelona)

  • Habitants: 4500

  • What to see: Montaña de Sal, Castillo de Cardona

  • Distance from Barcelona: 50 km

  • Comment: Visit the salt mines with kids

4. Tavertet

  • Location: Osona (Barcelona)

  • Habitants: 100

  • What to see: Pantano de Sau, Ermita de Sant Corneli

  • Distancia From Barcelona: 100 km

  • Comment: For Hiking lovers

5. Rupit I Pruit

  • Location: Osona (Barcelona)

  • Habitants: 300

  • What to see: Iglesia de San Miguel, Puente colgante de cuerdas

  • Distancia From Barcelona: 100 km

  • Comment: Walk in the old town and For Hiking lovers.

6. Sitges

  • Location: Garraf (Barcelona)

  • Habitants: 28.000

  • What to see: Paseo Marítimo, Calle del Pecat, Iglesia de San Bartolomé

  • Distance from Barcelona: 40 km

  • Recomendación: Spend the day at the beach, walk around the pedestrian streets and wrap it up with lunch in one of the restaurants on the beachfront.

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